Our Experience

Selected Experience of Our Principals

Heart Stroke Foundation – ongoing Heart Month and Stroke Month programs; cross-country health promotion programs; Canadian Cardiovascular Congresses & Stroke Congresses; current role as Public Relations Specialist
(2000 to present)

Lincoln Canada – Public relations agency of record in central and northern Alberta. Media relations, event management and stakeholder relations.
(2014 to present)

Ford of Canada – Public relations agency of record in central and northern Alberta. Media relations, event management and stakeholder relations.
(2014 to present)

Prostate Cancer Canada – media relations in Western Canada; input to national public relations
(2012 to present)

Medicine Shoppe Canada – national public relations including media relations and marketing support for chain of 150+ pharmacies
(2007 to 2014)

Alberta Provincial Stroke Strategy – project management of multi-media, multi-year award winning provincial public awareness campaign. Included creative direction, media planning, media buying and public relations. Creative for this campaign was adopted in 7 provinces and territories
(2007 to 2011)

Hallmark Canada – development of public relations programs; implementation in Western Canada
(2004 – 2010)

Additional Experience:

Consumer Products

Canadian Egg Marketing Association – national nutrition education programs

Crayola Canada – national media relations programs

Labatt Breweries/Oland Specialty Beers – corporate communications planning; product marketing; product launch management; sponsorships

Hostess Frito-Lay; Hershey Foods; Nestle Foods; Cadbury; Kraft Dinner; Oscar Mayer; Lucerne; Pepsi, Orbitz, Schweppes, All Sport – various: product launches; media relations & event management

Natural Resources

Shell, Suncor, Enbridge – stakeholder & media relations

Syncrude – corporate communications; media relations; event management

Luscar Coal – development of annual corporate communications plan; media relations

Mining Association of Canada – development of annual communications, programming & events

Alberta Pacific Forest Industries – corporate & stakeholder communications; development of messaging & media materials

Health & Wellness

Alberta Curling Federation/Curling Canada – marketing strategy & development

Rocky Mountain Analytical – public relations and marketing strategy, national media relations (2002 to present)

Canadian Diabetes Association/Association Diabète Québec– communications planning & implementation; stakeholder relations

Speech, Language & Hearing Association of Alberta – annual communications planning; media relations & event creation

Nutravite Pharmaceuticals – national media relations programs

Alberta Blue Cross – public relations for coverage plans and travel insurance