Our Services

Media Relations

We know Canadian media – traditional, social and digital – locally, provincially, nationally. We have established relationships with editors, producers, reporters and bloggers around the country.

Social Media

We provide the strategy and execution necessary to navigate these constantly evolving waters and appropriately leverage them to broaden your reach to key audiences.

 Marketing Communications

Working with our creative partners, we can deliver program materials and tools ranging from podcasts to websites and white papers.

Grass Roots Community Relations

Being in touch with the grass roots of your community involves creating new relationships, cultivating existing ones and being committed to staying the course – it’s the long game approach to raising awareness of your organization that will over time reap rewards.

Special Events

Get your product into the hands that matter and ideas into the minds that will make a difference. Generate buzz among influencers, traditional media contacts and bloggers that leads to interest and sales among your consumers.

Crisis Communications

We work closely with our clients – often on a 24-7 basis – during challenging times to develop strategic crisis communications plans that produce sensitive and timely reactions, responses and solutions.

And we can also help lay to the foundation for your communications needs including:

Strategic Planning

Before striking out, we all need a solid plan.  It is the roadmap for the strategies, tactics and check points that will be put in place to generate the desired results.

Corporate Positioning and Messaging

We work with our clients to find the right words and activities to convey what our clients need to communicate – clearly and with ‘one voice’ to reach the right audiences at the right time.